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Mary Ann P. Presas is the second daughter of the late Grand Master Remy A. Presas. Mary Ann PresasShe is the Arnis prodigy of the Presas women. Childhood memories of rigorous sinawali drills and repetitive practice of anyo in their gym in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines, instilled within her a great love for the art of Modern Arnis. Her training officially started at an early age of seven, but as far as she could remember, her father Grand Master Remy A. Presas, had been conditioning her since she was four. He would accompany her in all his training sessions, exhibitions, and seminars local and abroad since their settling in Manila until he left for the United States. She assisted her father in all his endeavors, even appearing in all three of her father's Modern Arnis books.

In 1972 and 1974, Mary Ann Presas, together with her father, GM Remy A. Presas and other expert arnisadors went to Osaka, Japan to represent the Philippines' Department of Tourism at the International Trade Fair, where she performed several Modern Arnis exhibitions. In 1974, the Japanese government was impressed with her skills and conferred her a special award. Mary Ann receiving the award was televised nationally in Japan. The same year, she accompanied her father to the First International Martial Arts competition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

When GM Remy A. Presas left for the United States, Mary Ann, her brother Remy Jr., their mother Rosemary, the rest of the family, and the first generation of Modern Arnis instructors, continued to teach and spread Modern Arnis in the Philippines, holding numerous seminars in various universities and military camps, while they continued to maintain their gym (NAKO/MAFP) in Manila.

In addition to her father's training, she complemented her knowledge in martial arts by having independently studied Karate, Fencing, Kendo, and Judo. Mary Ann Presas holds black belts in Karate and Judo.

She worked her way through school earning Degrees in X-Ray Technology and Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Mataas na Guro Mary Ann loves to practice and give lessons in Modern Arnis while maintaining her full time job in the housing industry and at the same time, attend to her small retail business.



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