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Demetrio Jose P. Presas is the second son of the late Grand Master Remy A. Presas. He is considered to be the Modern Arnis Marvel in the Presas family. Having had a precocious upbringing in the warrior arts, Demetrio showed great intuitive skill and fondness in the art of Modern Arnis early in his childhood. According to his elder brother Remy Jr., he was already swinging the cane ever since he could stand. Demetrio still retains vivid memories of what seemed to be infinite sets of hand-to-hand fighting and austerely disciplined martial arts sessions under his father and some of his father's finest students.

Demetrio PresasIt was then that Demetrio received extensive training of what was soon to be known as the First Generation of Modern Arnis consisting of his elder brother and sister, and his father's instructors. As what was in the Presas family, Demetrio was accompanied throughout all the seminars and basically grew up learning the art and developed great love for Modern Arnis. In 1986, 1987, and 1999, Demetrio caught up with his father, and reminisced some of their memorable moments, and received refresher training from his father on numerous techniques.

Demetrio Jose Presas served under the First Battalion Night Marines/Walking Dead Unit Battalion from Camp Pendleton, San Diego, CA in 1990 as a small arms and heavy weapons specialist. In 1991, he participated in Desert Shield, Desert Storm and the evacuation of the US Base in the Philippines when Mt. Pinatubo erupted.

In adjunct to his martial arts background, Demetrio Jose Presas labored very hard to receive a good education in life. In 1989, received a Certificate of Completion and Award for Most Outstanding Student in Industrial Electronics in Manila, Philippines. In 1992, completed a certificate in Business Management Program from Central Texas University, USA. In 1993, received an Associate in Art, major in Child Development from San Francisco, California USA. In 1995, he was awarded Most Outstanding Role Model of the Year from the Filipino Education Center, where he taught as a Computer Lab Instructor and Playground Coordinator.

Currently, Mataas na Guro Demetrio performs in exhibitions and conducts seminars in Modern Arnis (emphasis on hand to hand combat / mano-mano techniques) while maintaining a full time job in the hotel business. He is married and has a two-year old daughter, who shows interest in modern arnis at her early age.



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