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November 7, 2001

To All Martial Arts Exponents Everywhere:

Welcome to the next generation of Modern Arnis! The Modern Arnis Remy P. Presas International Organization MARPPIO, founded in 2002 and dedicated to the loving memory of our father, Grand Master Remy. A. Presas (founder of Modern Arnis), and to carry on the legacy he left us as the children and Family of Modern Arnis. MARPPIO was established for three reasons: first, continuous promotion and propagation of the Filipino Martial Arts throughout the world; second, cooperation and unification of all Modern Arnis enthusiasts and exponents worldwide; and third and foremost, fulfillment of our father's final wish to me, to once again take the cane and continue his legacy.

MARPPIO, an organization for the expansion and accurate depiction of Modern Arnis, will provide students with working and effective knowledge of self-defense and extensive mental, spiritual, and physical training in the Modern Arnis system in its totality as taught by the Presas lineage. A student shall gain rank only when he or she has grasped proficiency in a specific set of techniques and its applications. It shall commend exceptional and outstanding individuals by granting well-deserved and well-tested promotions, grades, degrees, and honorary titles. It will conduct seminars and sponsor regular exhibitions and tournaments as a means of brotherhood and of gathering and sharing knowledge and experiences among all Modern Arnis exponents from every chapter.

MARPPIO consists of Mary Jane Presas-Seletaria, Mary Ann P. Presas, Remy P. Presas, Ph.D., Maria Presas-Butler, Demetrio Jose P. Presas, Rosemary Pascual (Adviser, Phils.) and Jinile Calpe web masters of MARPPIO. Several arnis masters loyal to my father have volunteered to join us: Roland Dantes, Rodillo Dagooc, Jeremias V. de la Cruz, Vicente Sanchez, among others.

Training curriculum of MARPPIO will comprise the following divisions:

YANTOK (Art of the Single Cane), derived from stubborn rattan vine, which is arguably the best of all-purpose type of cane. In honor of the rattan cane, Yantok is the name given to the single cane form. Includes: Disarming, Striking Techniques, Blocking, Parrying, Sparring, Styles of Fighting: Abanico, Pilantik, Sungkiti, Banda y Banda, Figure 8, Rompida, etc.

PAGSAWALI (Art of the Double Cane), derived from the intricate weaving patterns of sawali. Literally translates to Way of Weaving, reflect the harmonious but devastating path of the double cane form. Includes Advanced: Disarming, Blocking, Parrying, Sparring, Striking Techniques and Styles of Fighting: Sinawali and Redonda.

ANYO (Art of Forms), the proving certificate of truly skilled Arnisador. Anyo is the way of nothingness. Literally, Anyo translates to form, which could stand for just about anything. In Modern Arnis, Anyo is the application of all styles learned throughout one's training, and is performed with a specific weapon (i.e. cane, dagger, hands) to show the flow of that form. Anyo requires certain proficiency of beat, tempo, timing, agility, and most of all, diwang panlaban (fighting spirit).

TALAS-TALIM (Sword and Dagger and Art of Blade Fighting),

TAPI-TAPI (Art of Parrying and Sparring),

TINDIG (Art of Stances and Throws), derived from its literal translation, To Hold One's Position, Tindig is the art of cadence and weight manipulation. Even if one lacks in size, one can overcome a much bigger opponent by utilizing the laws of physics through the defender and the opponent. By being able to hold one's position, one can easily defeat an opponent simply through mastery of inertia.

SIPA (Art of Kicks),

PALO-PALO(Art of Strikes),

and KAMAO (Art of Fists).

Ultimately, MARPPIO will incorporate these arts and focus on the practical application of all techniques for proper and dynamic results in a self-defense situation.

We encourage all martial arts enthusiasts to read the Modern Arnis Cardinal Principle. Those who adhere to such principles are welcome to apply for membership. For further information, please send e-mail to:

As a final note, my siblings Mary Ann and Demetrio Jose, and several of my father's loyal followers, will accompany me as we journey through the global arena of martial arts. Don't miss out: our objective is definite, and we will fulfill our father's final wish and continue the Presas tradition of Arnis.


Remy P. Presas, Ph.D.

"A man dies to leave his legacy for mankind."



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